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There Are Many Ways To Keep Your Generators And Fleet At The Top Of Their Game, Maintaining The Fuel Quality Is The First Step.

Let us show you how. Schedule a complimentary inspection and evaluation of your fuel condition. We will sample your tanks, provide an Inspection Report at no charge. See your fuel condition with your own eyes.
Get a FREE fuel sampling and evaluation. We will provide a written Inspection Report. No obligation!

Fuel Polishing Services

Fuel contamination is one of the most common reasons for generator failure, and it's preventable. 

Fuel in a storage tank is like water in a swimming pool: it must be routinely filtered to remove particulates and water that accumulates. Additives and biocides should be used to restore, stabilize fuel and prevent bacterial growth. 

Let Clean Fuels implement the appropriate program for your specific configuration and application. Give us a call today for a free evaluation.


Clean fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently. Fuel polishing improves fuel performance when an electrical failure takes place.


Removed contaminants and wastes are managed in compliance with all regulations. Clean Fuels is a licensed hazardous waste transporter.


Since 1997 Clean Fuels has been serving all of Florida, and various parts of the Southeastern U.S. Region.

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We have never had an injured employee, auto accident, never an insurance claim of any kind in over 23 years of business. We are a safety-focused company, and our record demonstrates that.
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