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Universal Waste

Most businesses in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry have to manage a large amount of waste that can not be thrown away like any other waste. 

They need special disposal. Clean Fuels offers fully trained personnel, equipped and ready to handle various kinds of hazardous wastes. 

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Clean Fuels of Florida, Inc. provides segregation and packaging services for the disposal of laboratory chemicals. Clean Fuels personnel can identify segregate and package lab chemicals and pharmaceuticals from Education, Industrial facilities to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Whether you have a couple of vials or an entire lab, we will inventory, package, and ship various chemicals to destruction or recycling facilities. This gives us the flexibility to choose destinations suitable for each waste stream and ensure its prompt disposal without it going to 3rd, and sometimes 4th parties, thereby reducing cost and liability.
You do so with the peace of mind that it is our full-time job to be up to date on the regulations and be fully trained, licensed, and equipped. It is also in our mutual best interest to do so cost-effectively.


Clean Fuels is fully licensed to handle and transport hazardous materials. 

- US Department of Transportation, Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration Number: 060 305 700 018NO. 

- Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Hazardous Waste Transporter License Number: FLD984171256 (for a complete list of our licenses and permits please visit our Qualifications Page).


Since 1997 Clean Fuels has been serving all of Florida and parts of the South Eastern U.S. Region.
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